the eden project

somewhere else to go if its raining in cornwall is the eden project – i finally made it there last year.  fortunately it is something that you are able to do even in torrential rain, though sadly you do lose the impact of the amazing geodesic domes rising out of the landscape.   it is expensive to get in though, no family ticket which was a bit disappointing, but the only good thing is that if you register for gift aid, they stamp your entry so that you are able to come back for a year with free entry. sadly, i dont seem to get to cornwall more than once a year!  sometimes you have to think that your entrance fee at least supports wonderful schemes that wouldn’t exist without your money.


the restaurant, though big and rambling and resembles a school canteen, does has amazingly good quality food – apparently a lot of the vegetables are grown on site!  you can also see them preparing the food on long tables alongside where you sit!  the shop has a good selection of homemade preserves and their own natural based creams – i bought the lemongrass hand cream which smelt delicious.   at least you feel that your entry fee has been a donation to something worthwhile.

27May2013_0048 27May2013_0042

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