tom dixon

I think that Tom was one of the first designers to use copper in his designs and that was many years ago – he is so ahead of his time!!  copper is a wonderful alternative material for facing your kitchen walls or cupboards.  have a look at the cyprum  taps available in gold and copper and Giles Miller’s ‘Rosaic’ wall panels.  copper can be left to oxidise and age to a green like tone, otherwise, lacquer to maintain the copper colour.   Dara Huang’s free standing island is also interesting.

these beautiful candles are sculpted in copper vessels with marble lid so that you can sit the candle onto and not damage the surface of your furniture.  the london aroma really is unusual and makes a great gift for men- you really dont want to burn it –  its so handsome!  you can buy them at selfridges or at tom’s shop in west london.    also available in nickel and brass.


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