virginia woolf

dont know much about Virginia Woolf, so it was interesting to see the exhibition about her life at the national portrait gallery – you can see letters that she wrote, photographs and paintings from her time as part of the bloomsbury group.   her sister Vanessa Bell designed most of her amazing book covers – herself a talented artist.   you can also pop into see portraits from the BP portrait award – there are very varied in style, some artists are self taught, some quite well known.

also popped into see the photos by Dennis Hopper at the Royal Academy – there are informal shots of  actors, such as Paul Newman, some abstract photography of street life all taken during the 60’s – so not only was he a great actor, but  he had an amazing and interesting eye.

dont forget to go and see the amazing cut outs of Matisse!

i am still astonished about the amount of art thats on show in the small town of st paul de fence – there were sculptures everywhere.

29Jun2014_0208 29Jun2014_0178


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