loving this heat, though the only drawback is mosquito bites!  they are such a pain.  next time i go away somewhere exotic, i vow to try  taking b12 vitamins – apparently mosquitos dont like them.    we tried everything, from citronella oil, lavender and mosiguard but ended up using jungle formula or mosiguard – so much for my natural organic products!  this year i am using avon skin so softly dry spray oil as an aftersun – i had heard that it really keeps the mosquitos at bay . unfortunately i dont have an avon rep (my mother in law used to do this), but you can get it on the internet and its very inexpensive.

for something natural to stop the swelling and itching, try a mixture of german chamomile, lavender and melissa oil – pour a few drops into some almond oil – it really does help.  otherwise good old benadryl cream definitely does soothe (it depends how natural you want to be).  taking the homeopathic remedy apis is a relief, the problem is you need to travel totally prepared and so your medicine bag becomes heavier than the rest of your luggage.  to go back to homeopathy, i now take a couple of pulsatilla pills as the plane ascends and descends and i find that this definitely helps with the pain in your ears.    high potency arnica is also a great remedy for jet lag. my whole family thinks homeopathy is witchcraft and a placebo, but as i have been homeopathic for over 25 years – i really do believe that it helps.  anyhow, they still pop the pills when i give it to them, so they must believe in something.


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