travel money

its a strange feeling when the kids are all away and there is just the 2 of you – i guess this is a practice run for the future.  alfie is off inter railing with a group of mates – it seems to be what 18 year old kids do once they finish their A levels.  its been a great experience for him, booking his own agenda, hostels, managing his own finances – its great for making them grow up.  he was lucky enough to be in berlin for the football final, and is now in prague – places that i would love to explore.  the actual rail ticket was great value and once they are in europe, allows them to travel anywhere in europe – some are overnight sleeper trains.   one of the things i did help him with was to buy a travel money card from the post office – its the safest way for them to carry money and it means that when they pay for anything in a shop or restaurant, they are not charged any additional fees.  even i have noticed that when i come home from abroad, i am charged an additional fee for using my card in a restaurant.   you do get charged for withdrawing money, but only the same as you would if you were withdrawing money from your current account – the good thing is that if they lose the card, they can get an immediate replacement, or you can top it up at any time.  hopefully i shan’t be doing this!!  how i wish that i had done this inter railing lark at a young age, though i do notice that there is an offer for the over 60’s, so something to think about for the future.


love this miniature railway that you can catch from dungeoness!



2 thoughts on “travel money

  1. My father used to work on the Romney ,Hythe and Dymchurch miniature railway.As a kid we always went to Dymchuch and I wld spend hours with mum at Dungeness looking for sea shells and interesting detritus! XX

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