casa de carmona

if you are looking for somewhere different to stay  -then go to this beautiful hotel in the village of Carmona – Casa de Carmona.     Built on top of a cliff, Carmona is always in the lists of top 10 prettiest towns in spain, with its many palacios (house palaces) and outstanding views of the endless fertile plains.   Casa de Carmona takes you back to the aristocratic lifestyle of the rich farming Spanish, with its beautiful courtyard, earthy tones, vaulted ceilings and mosaic floors.  It has an elegance of a bygone past,  the faded glory perfectly maintained, without the harshness of modernity, but yet providing you with the comforts of modern day.  its about half an hour from Seville, so a perfect base to see that whole region.  its also affordable for its high rating!  Dont expect the usual 5 star treatment, its understated and much more personal.  Felipe the owner is both hospitable and welcoming,  sharing his home with pride.  be warned august is probably too hot to visit but september could be a lovely time!

carmona is about an hour and half from our house in spain – another white pueblo which has been declared one of spain’s prettiest towns.   what i love about the architecture in these  regions are the numerous courtyards – it goes to show that you dont need to have masses of outdoor space to create a little haven.

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here is my courtyard garden in london – i struggle to keep it watered, the pots are always drying out – it makes me wonder how they manage in such a hot climate like spain – they must be constantly watering them.


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