serpentine gallery

i went to the serpentine gallery to see the much anticipated ‘show’ of Marina Abramovic 512 hours with my friend maria – we arrived arrived 10.30 thinking that we would have to wait in a long queue, but in fact we went straight in.  we had to pack away all our personal belongings – our bags, phones and then don some headphones to obliterate the external sounds – i have to admit, the headphones straight away made me feel claustrophobic, as though i was in somebody’s nightmare – i would much rather have experienced the whole thing with the natural silence of the world when nobody speaks.   i didn’t know what to expect, but shall we say that maria and i were probably the quickest viewers in and out of the gallery – i think we lasted not more than 15 minutes in total.  sadly, i feel that we are all told what is great and there is this feeling of having to agree and participate otherwise you feel stupid.  i didn’t get it at all – i felt that i had intruded on some weird religious sect and felt embarrassed to be there, hoping that nobody would pick me out – i found more serenity with my cup of tea sitting in the flintstone like, egg shell canopy designed by Smiljan Radic for this summers temporary architectural piece.   its not my favourite piece, but love the fact that this happens every year – its such a creative wonder and allows us all to enjoy our own piece of architectural design for free.  Ed Atkins at the serpentine sackler gallery is another strange exhibition – its more like going to see a movie than an exhibition – a series of well executed cgi effects with sound and music makes it an interesting viewing,  but call me old fashioned – give me a painting any time.   i do love the way this new gallery uses its space for its exhibitions though.

IMG_1931IMG_1930 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1924



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