40’s vintage glamour.

my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are my vintage dresses – especially the ones from the 1940’s – there is just something special and individual about their finish and choice of fabrics and when i wear these pieces, they are the ones that get the most comments.   its also much nicer to wear clothes that you dont see lots of other people wearing;  i love cos and gap for everyday clothes, but how many times do you end up going out and your friend is wearing the same dress!

naomi thompson, the young but knowledgeable author is part of a group of wonderful vintage girls who not only dress in the style, but write, blog, model and live their life around their passions.  naomi wrote the book style me vintage that i photographed a few years ago. for more vintage insight, you must take a look at fleur’s blog – you will find lots of interesting things and links. personally for me 1940’s is my favourite era – i just love everything about it – half of me wishes that we all had to do our hair daily and dress so perfectly – no more flip flops, trainers…….. i am sure its a habit that we have all grown out of. i remember my mother having her weekly shampoo and set, wearing stockings and court shoes. now i only do this for a special occasion, for these vintage girls its no effort and they go about their daily lives looking so perfectly attired.

SMVcl_1940s_Detail_004 _MG_8220 _MG_7862 (1)

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