i have recently discovered korres products – love the wild rose body butter and the magnolia bark night cream  – its a change from the lovely ren body products and is slightly more affordable.   you can find a good choice in liberty. still using the toning body oil, by balance me – it has a lovely aromatic smell and is incredibly light and absorbs well, but if you think that oils are too heavy for the day, its great to mix into your cheaper body lotions to give it a more luxurious feel.

rose petals make the loveliest perfumes, my favorites are L’orientaliste, rose d’atlas from morocco,  and the rosewater cologne from Santa Maria Novella, which has a lovely  shop in Picadilly and in Walton Street.   Penhaligon’s also makes a lovely rose – Elisabethan Rose, in their pretty classic bottle.  Lynn Harris from miller harris also do a beautiful geranium bourbon which combines french violet and turkish rose.

if your skin is feeling a bit parched during this strange sunny and  windy weather, then a couple of drops of secret essence, face and decolletage oil by Rosa Fina, Barefoot Botanicals, with its fragrant hint of rose really seals in the moisture and adds a glow – I mix a couple of drops with my moisturiser day and night.

For the perfect gift, there’s also a lovely guide book to perfumes, The A-Z guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.

isabellaCilla Dress_0370


In my youth, rose seemed old fashioned and frumpy, but these days, the delicate aroma of rose in todays products are calming and rejuvenating.

3 thoughts on “roses

  1. Thank you for your lovely tips Christina. I really like the Santa Maria Novella products too! Will try the rosa fina addition to my moisturiser – sounds heavenly! The book you mention is really good, I’ve bought some interesting and uncommon fragrances from the recommendations. Luca Turin was a research scientist at UCL when I was a post grad student. He was a quiet, charming and immaculately attired gentleman and I used to often get into the lift with him going into adjoining labs. I had no idea then about his expertise in the perfume industry and later, when I found out about his work, really hoped that I had not chosen to wear perfumes that might have been horribly offensive to his finely tuned nose!! There is an excellent book about him by Chandler Burr called ” The Emporer of Scent”….it’s a great read! Pia x


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