i can’t live without lists –  i dont do them on my phone or computer, but just have an old fashioned hand written one by desk – in fact, i have a long ever-growing list that has long term wishes and to do’s by my computer, a new daily list of the most important things for me to do that day, all written very big just so that i dont forget!  i have a list of what house things need doing – windows repairing, door knobs falling off etc…  a list for the grocery shopping – i wonder if i have some kind of disease or obsession?  i get great satisfaction ticking or crossing off what i have achieved and re writing the new (and hopefully smaller list).    one thing that I have learned is that if you write a list of everything you want to do the next day just before you go to sleep, you tend to sleep better – i have been known to wake up in the middle of the night remembering something important and writing it in the dark, you remember the strangest things in the middle of the night!  i tried the reminder thing on my computer, but just found it annoying popping up on my computer, and automatically clicked it off!   i love that nature sends you little messages, these 2 leaves are hanging on the wall outside my kitchen window!

17Jun2014_Enter custom name heremi_0015 17Jun2014_Enter custom name heremi_0013

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