maeght foundation

not only is the colombe d’or steeped in art history and famous names in art, but the whole surrounding area seems to be filled with art galleries – which makes it yet another reason to go there.   only 10 mins drive away from the hotel/restaurant is the wonderful maeght foundation – a private collection of art  including chagall, miro and braque, all housed in a wonderfully designed 60’s building.  the sculpture gardens and water features are stunning and include sculptures by chillida and giacometti.   its definitely worth seeing.  also on your list must be the  rosaire chapel de vence, conceived by matisse who designed everything from the chairs, to the murals, to the stain glass windows…….   i especially loved the wooden pews and simple wooden chairs.  dont forget that matisse is still on at tate modern, so you dont have to go far to see his wonderful work .

30Jun2014_0103 30Jun2014_0088 30Jun2014_0086 30Jun2014_0079 30Jun2014_0076 30Jun2014_007030Jun2014_0097 30Jun2014_0100

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