colombe d’or

well i finally got there to the colombe d’or – by taking Robert there for his birthday treat! and it definitely lived up to its reputation, surrounded by true art, it was a peaceful relaxing stay in an amazing location. st paul de Vence is a breathtaking medieval town, quite similar to Vejer, but in sandy stone – sadly, its multiple combination of contemporary art galleries (sadly not very interesting art) and boutiques and gift shops overtake the whole little town. in fact, my tip would be to go after 6.30pm, when they are all closing – the streets are deserted and just a handful of tourists going out to dinner! the hotel itself is just outside the old walls, just opposite the local boules square – the hub of local life. the hotel is pretty bohemian in style, but where would you see so many famous pieces hanging together in an unsecured fashion – from matisse, picasso to leger and chagall, you could just amble around the hotel all day discovering all the art. the swimming pool has a calder sculpture as its focus, braque pebbled walls – it really has to be experienced. dinner and lunch is in the lovely entrance courtyard – food is extremely high quality and very tasty. its not cheap to stay there, but it really is an experience – dont expect super luxury, its not what its about, but for a unique experience its a real treat.

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3 thoughts on “colombe d’or

  1. It look absolutely perfect, just our sort of place. It’s our silver wedding anniversary next year & you’ve given me the perfect idea for an anniversary gift! We spent many years travelling around Provence & the south of France, our favourite place was Menton, as we were a lot younger then & it was almost like a city be the sea, quite lively in the summer. St Paul De Vence is perhaps just right for us to appreciate now we are 50. Going to the Matisse exbo at Tate Modern next week, which will be a taster for Colombe D’or? Beautiful images as always Christina.


    1. its a lovely place to go, and romantic – has something more appealing than those slick boutique hotels – and with all the history and art in the area, there is lots to do. you definitely need to book in advance, i think that i booked in october for June! x


    2. it will make a lovely treat for you both – especially if you like matisse! enjoy your trip to the tate modern, its a big exhibition. i shall be coming up again soon to see my mother. xxx


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