cages for flowers

I love bird cages, there is something calming about them, although in reality they say the contrary, as they capture birds. Paint the wooden bird cages in bright colours and add as a feature to a dull corner of a room or hang from the branch of a tree.  you can plant a plain old wire one with seeds or a plant and watch it bloom.

I am loving the life size cageling chair that you can buy from ontwerpduo – imagine that in your garden.

_MG_2572 bird_cage_001109Oct2013_0036 (1)31May2011_0119 (1)


i love unusual vessels for plants in gardens – i have trugs and crates to house my pots on my balcony – you can pick lots of these things up at kemptom market.  i love the trolley at petersham nurseries stacked with plants.

IMG_1524 20100612_0974 (1)050910_2560

One thought on “cages for flowers

  1. I have this chair! I bought it for tom as I thought it might be therapeutic for him with his autism and would entice him into sunshine. It has done the trick in bringing him in to the garden as he is now a typical teenager and being brown as a berry as a child, then turned into a white ghost hitting puberty! So blizzare but a right of passage I guess…we all went down that road! x


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