two of my kids have gone to glastonbury for the first time – what a fuss with all the stuff, from tents, to wellies, camping gear – its more to organise than you think!  i have to admit, i have never been to a festival  – i think that the only way you will get me there is if you book me a lovely boutique hotel to sleep in, or one of the lovely caravans like the wonderful shepherds return!

hay_MG_7502 Fab Dress, pink & blue, 140
how to make your wellies prettier for a festival – buy lace stockings and turn them over the top of the wellie –  or for winter buy some thick fisherman’s cable socks and do the same – much prettier than the liner socks that you usually buy for wellies and cheaper!   mary did this for a shoot a while ago – its a great accessory with pretty dresses.  dont forget to buy your wellies a half size bigger if you intend to wear thick socks.   my favourite shop for buying socks is tabio – expensive, but they fit well and they have a great choice of ankle socks – i love to wear ankle socks with high shoes in the evening – makes me feel more cute and girly rather than grown up and trashy.   selfridges also has a great choice of socks.


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