nordic bakery

i shot the new counters for the nordic bakery  last week – plus some of their many new products, which includes jams, aprons and cookbook;    i love the natural healthiness of their cakes and biscuits – some are wheat free but  taste equally as delicious.  you can also buy some of their delicious bread to take home.   there are now 3 branches in london and they are a lovely meeting place.

RNordic Bakery June 2014 053 (1) RNordic Bakery June 2014 253 (1) RNordic Bakery June 2014 187 (1)

4 thoughts on “nordic bakery

  1. This is a pretty random question for you! For the first time ever, I will not have my son with me this new year and am looking for somewhere very grownup in Europe to celebrate the new year….any ideas as I trust your taste which is similar to my own! Will be so weird doing something without tom! But as my husband says….you still have me! I must be a grown up about this change!! x


    1. hi maggie, what a nice dilemma to be in!! i have a few years yet to wait for this. I dont know what new year would be like in other parts of europe – but i would probably choose Rome, Venice, Barcelona – you would need somewhere fun. I loved Brussels, but I imagine its a bit dull at that time of year. Amsterdam or Berlin could be good options, not been there for many years though. out of al of those, i would probably opt for venice or rome – 2 beautiful places with grown up hotels and restaurants. christina x


  2. Ah yes…Rome is an excellent idea..havnt done Rome in a few years, would be magical at new year as we do Venice quite a lot! Thank you! x


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