eat italia

there was a great store in new york, eat italia – it was like selfridges food hall, but selling everything italian, from fresh pasta, ice cream, chocolate and coffee!  it was heaven and hell (big queues for everything).   i came back to find a new waitrose opened on my high street, right next door to my marks and spencers food shop!  it now means that i spend even more time in my local food halls – add to those parkway greens and whole foods – it means that i am luckily only 5 minutes away from everything you ever need for supplies!

of course i still love going to borough market and bermondsey – great for food, but also a great morning out!  london has so many farmers markets, its a great community addition.

i was trying to think where there are great italian stores in london, and could only think of lina stores and  camisa, both in soho, and carluccios;  there are still fragments of an italian community in clerkenwell, close to the st peter’s church in what we call ‘little italy’ and of course terroni, which has been there since 1878.

by the way maude has been somewhat quiet on the baking front due to exams, but has started again.  this week we were treated to bob’s favourite, pannacotta – she made them in a teacup, decorated them with berries and a flower petal!  try this recipe, it tasted delicious.



i made a creme patisserie fruit tart for robert’s birthday cake – his favourite from patisserie valerie;  sadly, mine looked quite good, tasted not too bad, but fell apart when i tried to slice it!  i now realise why you usually buy tarts as individual small ones, rather than one large one!!  making creme patisserie for the first time was not an easy task!  i used mary berry’s recipe and fortunately it didn’t curdle or go lumpy, but you definitely have to keep your eye on it.

12Jun2014_Enter custom name heremi_0113


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