an amazing afternoon

it was 3 hours of fun, tears, laughter, music and reminiscing!  the guests were amazing, especially gilbert and george who had me in stitches!  you can listen again for the next week, dont miss out on hearing the wonderful phone call from eilleen (2 hours 30 mins in).    ronnie scotts was the perfect place to hold this memorable show – nick lowe’s rendition of alison (2 hours 18 mins in) silenced the whole room so that you could hear a pin drop.  you can listen again for the next 6 days.

going to ronnie scotts again reminded me what a lovely evening out it is to sit and listen to some live music – especially in an intimate space. i personally cant bear to go to venues like O2 anymore. if you are young (or not even young) and into jazz, and want to see up and coming new artists, then go upstairs to ronnies bar – its inexpensive and you get to hear great jazz from the newest jazz musicians.


One thought on “an amazing afternoon

  1. oh my god Christina, I am crying here sat at my computer listening to Robert talking to his mum a few years back & knowing she is not here now. It must have been so emotional for him to hear her voice again and hold it together as he had to yesterday. I’ve just turned 50 and my mum is 84, so similar ages to Robert and his mum were I guess. I’ve just spent the day with her and dropped her back home and thinking that I may not hear her voice again has brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely relationship they had, you can hear the mutual love and respect on their voices. He did so well to remain professional yesterday and how lovely it is that he has those recordings of Eileen, that he can listen to in the future. It sounds as though you had a magical day in a great venue, surrounded by family and good friends x


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