gregory porter and blue rondo

an unforgettable experience – gregory porter singing right next to you for an audience of about 40 people in an independent record shop in soho!  it was amazing – not much bigger than your living space, gregory can melt your heart wherever.   my favourite water under bridges has beautiful moving lyrics.   you can catch him at the royal albert hall in october as part of the blues festival, which my husband will also be taking part of with a string of in conversation events.

afterwards, our old friends christos, chris and mark launched a re-issue of their wonderful 80’s tunes of blue rondo a la turk – just what you need to hear in this lovely summery weather – tunes that make you want to dance – so get yourself a copy!

gregory_porter_1860 IMG_1845



4 thoughts on “gregory porter and blue rondo

  1. I love Gregory Porter, I’ve been playing his album non stop for weeks now on my commute to work, love Hey Laura & Water Under Bridges. Blue Ronda A La Turk reminds me of M/cr clubs in the 80’s, Devilles and Berlin.Not sure if you went there or if you were already in London? I used to see Elise there and one of my best mates was Anthony from Sassoons? I used to be his model for his exams, so knew Elise from there? Happy days!


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