romeo and juliet

took maude (as part of her birthday treat) to see the ballet – i think i have only been 3 times in my life, and would love to go more often – i tend to see more modern dance.   it was a spectacular performance, with over 70 dancers on stage at one time!  we saw Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo as romeo and juliet  – both amazing dancers with lots of emotion.  the costumes were just beautiful.  if you get a chance to go, even if you can only get the cheaper tickets in the above tiers, its worth it – the whole floor area of the hall is the stage, so most seats give you a good view.    of course maude now says, why didn’t you force me to do ballet as a young child!

Detail Shots_2889

2 thoughts on “romeo and juliet

  1. Hi Cristina, If you want to see more ballet I recommend Birmingham Royal Ballet, they are at Sadlers Wells for a week in October and the seat prices are very reasonable compared to the Royal Opera House. David Bintley who runs the company is a genius and in my opinion,since Ken Macmillan died, our finest and most exciting choreographer. His ballets are always a joy to watch and the programmes that BRB put on are always exciting. Do check it out I booked tickets a week or so ago and I think there are still a few tickets left.
    Regards Val


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