went to see the camille henrot exhibition at the new museum in new york – there were rooms that i walked in and out and muttered, so thats art, and then there were rooms that intrigued me.  one room in particular made us run out feeling scared and stressed, but the video grosse fatigue is well worth watching.    another interesting work i would love to go and see is stroke by anya gallaccio – made completely of dark quality chocolate – it would make me feel like i am heaven!  edinburgh is high on my list of places to go to!

i finally went to visit the studio room of madeleine boulesteix in an amazing building that she is sadly having to leave in brixton – another thing on my list is to commission a piece for my house!  sadly she is being evicted after a long struggle;  all our artists are being forced to move out of inner london.

it was amazing to get onto the roof and see the chimney pots of brixton.

22May2014_0017 22May2014_0018 22May2014_0015


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