flowers from my garden

made our usual trip to columbia road flower market to pick up some of the many peonies that are around in abundance!  maude has decided to collect cacti and succulents in her room, so i bought her some little black pots from the red mud hut- there seem to be so many new shops again, notably an everything portugese shop.  sadly, all the basics such as terracotta pots and garden implements are fast disappearing from the shops………

even my little garden (pictured below) has peonies and a cloud of blue flowers that i dont know the name of – i love to cut them and put them in little glasses or clear yoghurt jars.

01Jun2014_0003 flowers21May2014_0015 19May2014_0051


3 thoughts on “flowers from my garden

  1. Hi Christina, your mystery flower is one of the perennial geraniums, there are so many of them, think your’s might be Johnson’s Blue. If you go on the Crocus website you’ll see how many varieties there are. I love them and have lots in my garden they like the shade and are slug and snail proof which is always an added bonus. If you cut them down after the first flush when they get a bit leggy they will often come again with a second show of flowers.
    Regards Val


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