modern day technology – a breakthrough or a pain?  I’ve realised that writing my blog can seem to be leading a utopian lifestyle.   following facebook/instagram i often feel flashes of envy- but after the sad finales of some ‘celebrity’ personalities, you soon realise that life through the internet is not what it may appear.  I dont claim to lead a perfect life, rather aim to share information to help you lead a fuller life.  beneath my enthusiasm for arts, vintage, markets and flowers I too have days of despair, insecurities and battles – but I always hope to remain positive and relish the happiness that my family have given me.

life is too short to waste on negativity and anger;  i have seen my mother go from being an independent strong willed superwoman to become a dependent stranger at times – all brought on by an unexpected stroke and now dementia.  its not a good prospect for me if genes are a deciding factor – but what it does tell me is live your life to its fullest each day – you never know whats round the corner.

taking a leaf from my friend Maria (my art buddy), who always takes her mother out in a wheelchair each week – to a park, a square, a cafe, a museum – anything to stimulate and take away the monotony, my brother and I decided to take my mother to salford quays last week;  it was a beautiful sunny day and it was somewhere that I seem to have missed visiting on my many trips back to manchester.  its a wierd mixture of architecture, post modern, contemporary, but interesting nonetheless.  the lowry centre is a great venue for arts and of course the new bbc media centre is also based there.  all in all, its somewhere different to visit and there are numerous cafes to stop at – there is a terrace restaurant at the lowry with views out onto the quays.

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10 thoughts on “manchester

  1. Can’t tell you how welcome this blog was after the week I’ve just had. Many thanks.
    Also forwarded you NY blog to a friend who’s just arrived there.
    Best wishes
    Joe Alessi


  2. keep your positivity ! my mother suffered from dementia and its a terrible place to be – its great to take your parents out especally to places they know from there younger days stay strong ! 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    christina wils


  3. Lovely post and stunning photographs. I lost my Mum two years ago this month, my father five months earlier. Your blog reflects my interests and feelings about so many things and enhances life as I move through these new stages. Thankyou.


  4. Thankfully places are more wheelchair accessible these days, one bonus at least when faced with these difficulties. My mum really welcomes a change of scene, and in the wheelchair she’s at the right level to stroke dogs, a tall one rubbed noses with her recently and it’s great to hear her really laugh.


  5. You visit and see interesting things with an interested eye and people enjoy sharing these plus enjoy your photos. Don’t worry about if others think your life is idyllic. We’re enjoying your exploits and I’m always getting ideas for things to do and see when able. No point envying others: there’s always going to be people better off and worse off than you!


  6. What a LOVELY post….my mother also has dementia so I know how you feel. I think most sensible people will realise that your posts are snapshots of your life and that you l have the same dramas and worries as everyone else so I wouldnt worry about it! Its a fount of information for me so keep at it!! xxxx


    1. thank you all for your lovely comments – my mother seems happy at times, but also paranoid that people are stealing from her – which is sad, because she then gets angry and upset when we try to tell her that nobody is doing this. enjoy what may be a lovely warm summer. christina x


  7. My mother has dementia too, but I think this particular disease – unless it hits you young – is sometimes worse for the family than for the sufferers. My mother is blissfully unaware of what she is like and seems quite happy. It is getting more common as more people, especially women, get into their 80s and 90s.


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