orchard street new york

one of my favourite streets in new york, the lower east side is home to the tenement museum which tells the story of immigrant families. visitors view restored apartments of past residents from different time periods of 97 Orchard Street, which was home to 7000 people from 1863-1935 – this is one of the most interesting museums in new york and is a must for everyone.   you can generally turn up and book onto one of the tours that they have – there are different types – usually concentrating on the lives of one family who lived in the block, tracing the history and relaying you the facts.   what we did was book a tour and then strolled down orchard street to eat typical jewish food at the lovely russ & daughter’s eatery – the new restaurant is run by 4th generation cousins and the menu is based on the fare that the still functioning 100 year old store  – of the same name, is well known for. orchard street is home to one of my favourite vintage shops, david owens vintage clothing – a small select choice of 1930’s – 80’s clothes for men and women in very good condition – whats great about this shop is that isnt crowded out with tons of clothes, but just a select few.

around the corner, you still have katz deli – a bit touristy, but is an authentic jewish deli that still has all the hustle and bustle that makes it interesting – its popular because apparently When Harry met Sally was filmed there. its still worth the visit, just because of the old fashioned interior, but its not a relaxing place to go.

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