new york

Am spending a few days in New York to see friends and celebrate a friends’  recent marriage.  I still marvel the fact that you can leave your house at 6 pm and wake up in another continent. May in New York is a perfect time to visit – warm enough to walk around without a jacket but not stifling. We are staying at the marlton hotel , small boutique style, right in Greenwich village;  the rooms are very small, but of high quality and simple decoration – the communal parts of the hotel make up for the size of the bedrooms and offer lots of sitting areas.  another new hotel is the broome – again smallish rooms, but centred around a patio.
When we took the kids a few years ago, we stayed at a boutique style hotel 60Thompson’, which was perfectly situated in downtown Soho, its now renamed sixty soho.  The rooms were a good size and the service was both friendly and polite.  they were also lovely to the kids and breakfast was also great!

love this wall display – made out of cans of beers!


One thought on “new york

  1. LOVE the hotel!! I will look into that for Christmas break this year..well done, excellent info as usual.. have fun! xx


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