if you are passing marylebone , drop into the little gallery eclectic and see the wondeful ceramics by shinobu hashimoto.   i love japanese ceramics, but there seems to be less shops in london selling them now;  i used to buy lots from the oriental centre that was in colindale, but now thats gone, its increasingly difficult.   designers guild still carries a few interesting ceramics, from colourful tableware to vases – always a good place to find gifts.  frank in whitstable also stocks lovely ceramics – i use beakers for flowers picked from my garden.

white flower12Apr2014_0017

i always buy the lovely delicate plates by fliff carr as presents  – too beautiful to use though, they are lovely propped up on any shelf.


2 thoughts on “eclectic

  1. Thanks for the tips about buying ceramics. I love them for practical and decorative use – I can’t stop buying mugs! I am going to Whitstable for the first time next month and then back to London so will check out your recommendations. BTW, I am from Manchester too. Next time you go back, do take some photos and post them. I returned a few months ago after 28 years and found it much changed. I wonder what you think of it now? It’s not London but I found it still very vibrant.


    1. hi Linda, i have a thing about collecting ceramics too, but have started to give them as presents now – partly because i am cluttering the house. (so my husband says). you will love whitstable – i miss having my cottage there,and hope one day to get something again nearby. i visit manchester a lot, because of my mum, but dont get to explore it enough. funnily enough my next blog has pics of manchester. christina


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