master shipwrights house

so much for weather forecasts – we study them constantly, before a trip to find out what to pack,  the day before hoping that they have got it wrong if it says rain – but where was that hot sunny balmy day on saturday?  i was shooting at the amazing master shipwrights house on the river in deptford and  although we had to dodge the sun for half an hour in the morning, the rest of the day was very overcast.

i love the distressed walls, so beautiful, and i am sure impossible to copy.  however there are some interesting papers that you can buy to recreate these moods, from distressed to abstract to colourful, wallpapers can change any room so easily.  mr perswall has an amazing collection – i am very tempted, though worried that you will tire of such bold designs soon after;  if you are a dab hand at wallpapering, then i am sure that you can constantly change the design – the papers are reasonable prices if you consider the cost of a tin of designer paint!

however we managed to get some summery shots, with mary’s flowery props and of course the clothes are always so pretty!  will post some shots soon.

Details_17May2014_0008 Details_17May2014_0012 Details_17May2014_0022 Details_17May2014_0024 Details_17May2014_0030 Details_17May2014_0032 Details_17May2014_0033 Crete Dress 0011

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