wedding dresses

definitely a girly day, but wedding dresses at the v and a gives you an opportunity to learn about the history of the white wedding dress;  there are some very simple beautiful ones from the 18 Century – i love the pared down muslin dresses – there are glamorous dresses from the rich and famous from the last century – even the dress that kate moss wore for her  recent wedding.

but what it  does allo you to see is the exquisite workmanship that can go into a single dress that is usually only worn once.  you may have seen them in photographs, but until you actually see them close up, you cannot appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship, the beading, the embroidery that are involved.   you can also see the glamour of italian fashion, which follows the look of italian fashion from 1945 to the present day.


beautiful bridesmaids dresses by ilovegorgeous

17_Bridesmaids_1442 Sugar Almond Dress (Peach & Green)3474 Sugar Almond Dress (Peach and Green)_3611

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