new farmers market

i love all the new farmers markets that are springing up everywhere – they seem to take place in all kinds of spaces. there’s a new one that just opened in kentish town – can’t wait to see it, every sunday.

In whitstable there is a fortnightly market in St Mary’s hall, which helps to support the local farmers, selling anything from the local kent berries to home made condiments. The Goods Shed in Canterbury is a daily farmers market with onsite restaurant too.

London has Borough Market on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and has the most amazing array of food, drink and vegetables. Its a perfect day trip to buy your food and also have lunch at Borough – its probably one of the biggest farmers market and you will want to savour all the delights on sale. And of course there is Bermondsey market on a saturday. On Sunday there is a small farmers market in Marylebone, just behind Waitrose in the car park, selling cheese, bread, meat and vegetables. On sat from 10 – 2pm, there is a farmers market in the car park of William Ellis school just on Parliament Hill, which has a selection of essential produce – many of them coming from Borough Market, you can get great sausage sandwiches whilst you walk round, so get down there and support your local community farmers market. Isnt it good to pay a bit extra for quality and keep that small company going, rather than shop at another tesco or sainsbury ?

not only have we just got our own independent green grocers on parkway, but now  i see that waitrose is opening on our high street, right next door to marks and spencers – i have lived in camden for over 20 years and finally we are getting all the necessary amenities!

Florence 319001Apr2014_0071

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