matisse and richard hamilton

both these exhibitions at  tate modern are worth seeing – the cut outs of matisse and the early works of richard hamilton – quite contrasting works they show the natural brilliance of both artists;  quite big exhibitions, so put aside a couple of hours to see both.   if you had to pay for entry into both exhibitions, its quite expensive, so its worth considering a membership, which allows you entry into all exhibitions throughout the year.   i recently bought a tate gift membership for an 18th birthday present for a friend and she loved it!

2 thoughts on “matisse and richard hamilton

  1. Hi Christina, We’re hoping to get to the Matisse exbo, his cut outs are my favourite era of his work. We’re going to paris next week and are going to check out the Henri Cartier Bresson exbo, so I’ll probably be doing a blog post on that. I know you go to Paris now & again?


    1. i just went and we tried to get tickets for Bresson, but it was sold out, so best to book in advance. not sure when i will be going again, when there is a £59 sale I’ll book again. I am coming up to manchester again next week, my poor mother is not getting any better and we need to find some help – she now seems to be suffering from dementia and paranoia. its SO sad to see this. xx


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