petersham hotel

as it was eilleen’s birthday we booked lunch at the petersham hotel to celebrate what would have been her 88th birthday- the hotel is wonderfully positioned with a view of the river;  you have to book in advance to get a window seat, but its worth it.  afternoon tea looks amazing – scones, sandwiches and cakes beautifully perched on a cake stand.   however, due to some misunderstanding with the booking, we arrived 15 mins too late and the kitchen had closed!  apparently saturday finishes at 2pm for lunch, sunday is apparently later!  anyhow, it meant no lunch at petersham hotel this year, but lunch at lass o’richmond hill, which was fairly decent, but nothing to write home about.   if you do get to go to petersham hotel then you should pop into petersham nurseries too – my favourite garden centre – you can also enjoy tea and cakes there!

its strange but i do find cemeteries quite beautiful and mystical, and especially when the blossom is out.

richmond05May2013_0085 05May2013_0083 05May2013_0082 05May2013_0080



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