fortnum and mason

in search of a something typically british gift for a wedding in new york, i ventured to fortnum and mason – expecting only teas and food stuff.  the ground floor of the store is so full of tourists, its enough to put you off going there, but once you venture upstairs, you will be pleasantly surprised and inspired by the exquisite taste and displays.  there were so many beautiful things to buy – i came straight home and told my husband that if he is stuck for ideas, just take yourself to the upper floors of fortnum and mason.  the kitchen department has a beautiful choice of tableware and practical utensils and definitely lots of gift ideas, divine smelling candles,  a well stocked perfume department and gorgeous lingerie.   i bought myself a beautiful silk slip from there, made by luna de seta;  for the past few years, i have taken to wearing cotton slips under all my dresses as an extra layer of warmth – but silk definitely feels better.  i didn’t even get above the 2nd floor there was so much to see and covet…….

the ultimate luxurious gift has to be though a hamper from fortnum and mason. they really have made their hampers more modern, pretty and perfect for every occasion, from a tea basket with a lovely mug, selected teas and biscuits all presented in a wicker basket to the ultimate luxury hamper for £500.

or if you are creative and have time, our friends Jon and kim created their own birthday hampers with- a selection of chili based products, chili jam, chili infused olive oil, chili crackers – and placed them all in a shoe box all beautifully wrapped.  perfect for any male who loves chill stuff.



















the most beautiful lingerie that i have seen for a while, in fine silk and silk chiffon, there are items that you can easily wear out of the home as well as inside the home. aloe makes a great gift – my friend bought me a lovely fine silk camisole and shorts set – much to the appreciation of my husband!  stella macartney also has beautiful delicate underwear.   i usually visit fenwicks for underwear, but now i shall be heading to fortnum and mason.


5 thoughts on “fortnum and mason

  1. Christina, I only subscribe to one blog and it is yours. I love it: so stylish and with really super, practical suggestions and uplifting photos. So far we have had a really great holiday in the Townhouse in Spitalfields, bought some lovely fabric from Eleanor Pritchard to cover a Captain’s chair plus bought art supplies from Cass Art for our kids. All from your blog – I’d never heard of them before.

    You describe a very fortunate and lovely life and it is a great joy to share a bit of it. One question: is the set of lingerie you have photographed still for sale and is it from Aloe?


    1. hi Linda
      thank you for your email and i am so pleased to hear that my ramblings and findings goes to help others – i have lived in london for over 30 years and only recently have i discovered all these new things. doing the blog makes me look for new things – i realise what a fortunate life i do have – some days i have to remind myself how lucky i am; but what i do realise is that you make of your life what you can – life is shorter than you think, time speeds faster as you get older – so i set myself goals all the time (some of which makes my life unreasonably busy at times, but its what keeps me happy). re aloe, my friend bought these for me a couple of years ago; i know that claire, who has aloe does lots of sales, so maybe she has some odd old stock? i tend to go to those sales. why dont you email her and see if she has some old stock? they are beautifully made, and i know that she also did a cheaper range for another story in regent street last season, so maybe they still stock some. good luck and thank you again. christina x


  2. Thanks for the tip Christina. Looking forward to following you on all your new discoveries in London! You’ve got a great eye and great taste and that’s what makes your blog stand out I think.


  3. Oh and you’re right: one must try and get as much as you can out of life. You can tell you have great enthusiasm for London and for the visual scene. Love it!


    1. thanks for your kind words and encouragement – i am lucky that my husband has access to a lot of london stuff through his work, so together we can help each other. coming from manchester i realise how lucky we are in london with everything on our doorstep – there is still a lot you can do here without it costing too much – you just have to know about it. have a lovely day. xx


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