its the last day tomorrow for feria in seville – a wonderful and colourful experience – next year its from 21 – 26th April, a good time to  visit seville and see all the splendour.  my favourite shop in seville is antonio garcia for typical sombreros and andalusian wear – not forgetting the wonderful sombrereria maquedano, housed in a beautiful old store on the famous shopping street calle sierras.   which reminds me somebody directed me to the wonderful luton hats – a fascinating insight into the hat making industry in luton of all places – its one of the great things about blogging, people feed you even more information in return.


last week we were lucky enough to catch the local vejer town feria – nothing like the scale of seville, but still a lovely experience;  the whole town takes part making the streets of vejer full of colour and excitement.


feria01May2014_0063 feria1May2014_0056 feria1May2014_0050 feria1May2014_0047 feria1May2014_0045 01May2014_0042

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