umbrellas of cherbourg

one of my friends gave me this video ‘umbrellas of cherbourg’ starring a very young and beautiful Catherine Deneuve – it was made in the 1960’s,   it took me a while to get used to a film that is entirely sung, usually musicals are in short blasts of singing, but the scenery, the costumes and simple love story really enamoured me.  if you are a big romantic who loves the styling of the 1950’s, then you will love this film.   so if you get a chance, try and get the dvd and see it – it reminded me of my  visit to havana, with its retro cars .

2 thoughts on “umbrellas of cherbourg

  1. Yes Christina, lovely film.
    I’ve seen it many times and somewhere, have the musical score on vinyl.
    I use to play it all the time.

    At the moment listening to the lovely Robert.
    Waiting for his interview with Susan Vega.



    1. ah, i must listen to the track again. i listen to robert at times, but sometimes i feel that i have heard it all before…….. no, he is very interesting and enthusiastic and enjoys his job SO MUCH! he is lucky to meet all those interesting people every day.



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