wedding anniversaries

well, its our 19th wedding anniversary today, and i have to ask myself some serious questions –

1. where have 19 years gone , 2. have i really stayed with one person for that many years and 3 how do i make the next 19 years as full and as interesting as they have been?

i tried to look up what was significant about 19 years of marriage, and was disappointed to find that its not at all significant.  i dont really stick to the recommended list of what to buy to celebrate a number of years, but its nice to think that it may be a diamond or two – only to find that its bronze.   Bronze means partners for life and it symbolises that the partners will remain partners for life.

so happy anniversary darling – and here is robert’s favourite place – el palmar beach, our local beach in spain.

3 thoughts on “wedding anniversaries

  1. Many congratulations! ! In answer to number 3 …. Keep on doing what you are doing… It’s obviously the key to success!


  2. …you can still work a diamond into a piece of bronze Christina so I wouldn’t let him off the hook quite yet! Have a lovely day! xx


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