why i cant choose paint colours….

i have agonised over paint colours for alices’s flat – she is so busy with her new job that she has left it all to me!  i thought about using colours, but then got a gentle hint that she likes monochrome and simple!  so it was back to the neutral palates.  my favourite colours are always from paint library, fired earth, farrow and ball, little greene company, laura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.  as this flat is 1930’s i have tried to choose colours in keeping.   colours on the short list are skimming stone, london clay, print room yellow,  by farrow and ball, french grey  and slaked lime by little greene company,

i love the bold blue that you see in south america – searching for that famous blue colour paint is not easy, but try hacienda style .


_MG_3998pip 2

2 thoughts on “why i cant choose paint colours….

  1. Although Earthborn has a more limited colour palette than some of the others you’ve mentioned, it was the best solution for the walls of our home.

    All explained on our blog. To save you searching for the specific pages, here they are:



    We used distemper for the cornices and ceiling in our hall. This page mentions a little fun the OH had with some pigments:


    Then there is linseed oil paint for our wooden windows:



    That lot should keep you entertained for a while.


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