i love this idea of creating your own personal lockets and keepsakes from loquet, but its an expensive way to do it;  with a bit of clever hunting at portobello or kempton market, you can of course put this together yourself.

i dont like lots of jewellery, but i love delicate and unusual pieces.  my favourite jeweller is Peppi Taylor, (see her pieces below) but unfortunately, she is one of those types who is incredibly arty, but totally non techno, so has no website.   her pieces can be something simple and inexpensive such as a silver charm on a thread, or  you can commission a ring in gold and precious stones.  i personally love her rows of semi precious stones, such as rose quartz, amethyst, all delicately threaded with a gold charm.  most of my jewellery has been made by peppi, and when it was alice’s 21st, i commissioned a small piece for her with individual charms that i knew that she would like.   you can contact Peppi or 07952 864357

i passed by laura lee’s shop in covent garden,   there are some beautiful pieces there too.

another reader recommended rust  – again interesting and more aimed for the younger girls.

pearl and queenie have fun necklaces, i love the cameo on a chain.

sweet pea is also another lovely shop, stocking not only their own designs but a few other designers too..

i also popped into liberty’s and they have a good selection of jewellery, from inexpensive to more individual pieces.  i particularly liked the pieces by annina vogel

24Jan2012_0026 (1)

24Jan2012_0013 (1) peppi_0019 peppi_0020 PEPPI_0023

2 thoughts on “loquet

  1. I have a silver heart shaped locket with my sons picture inside which I love beyond words as he would hold it in his hand when he was feeding as a baby and also has his teethmarks on it. I now give silver hearts to femail members of the family as a 21st present and a poem or a note of whatever I feel about that person that may inspire them. They are lucky! We just got a silver plastic key from Chapel Market! x


    1. how lovely of you – my mother has started handing down her jewellery to my daughters – lots of chinese gold – i will do the same to mine, though not that much to hand down…… hope that you are well. xx


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