adnams and pottery painting

recently visited my friend elli (she was my neighbour but moved to norfolk) and she always takes the girls to pottery painting – it seems that its ‘an ages activity’ that pleases all.  we visited adnams with its specialised home brewed ales and lovely kitchen accesories, and in the basement is the airy grapevine ceramics studio where you can paint at your hearts content anything from a bowl, to a platter.   pop next door to the mulberry for lunch or tea – its a great thing to do on a rainy day!  there used to be several ceramic painting places in london, but there seem to be less of them, i remember taking the little ones to art 4 fun in west hampstead.  maude did the bowl and i painted the jug at doodle pots.

13Apr2013_0017 painted_jug_0011 13Apr2013_0006

i am always looking for  beautiful ceramics – have a look at the delicate beakers and jugs by James and tilla waters. 

also gallery eclectic on marylebone high street has beautiful fine ceramics.

another of my favourite ceramicists is Jacqui Roche, who made the lovely porcelain rose shown here.  Jacqui also runs workshops for adults and children, learning to use the wheel and glazing pots – she’s inspirational.


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