my friend marianna invited me to a discussion with the architect santiago calatrava at the riba – the first one that i have been to since my student days.  it was very interesting especially as calatrava fuses his roles as artist, sculptor, architect and engineer into all his works – he is famous for his dazzling bridges all over the world.  his new work in progress, the transportation hub in new york city is reminiscent of the wings of a dove rising from the pavement.   i was astounded by the wealth of activities on offer at the riba – including workshops, exhibitions – its what makes living in london so enjoyable and wonderful.   this discussion was a free event, as part of the dream builders series, so reserve ahead, the next one includes norman foster.

20100423_0007 (1)

One thought on “RIBA

  1. Hi – Thanks for the great post, I just checked the RIBA talks page, and it sold out within 1 day for the Norman Foster event : though not to be the bearer of bad news, they say that there will be a a recording of the event broadcast by the BBC World Service in 2013 !! xo


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