after a 3 hour windy journey through the mountains of the sierra de ronda, through breathtaking scenery and numerous pueblos blanco, we arrived at ronda for the night – its something we like to do, explore the andalucia area, and as we have no kids in tow to complain, we thought it a great opportunity.  however, what we didnt expect was terrenchial downpour and as ronda is so high the incredible mist that obliterates the views.  to make things even worse, i had a bad meal the night before, so after a morning of wretching, the windiest journey no matter how pretty was an ordeal!  but the hotel was booked and paid for, and in the end, it was still beautiful to see, even with the mist.   we stayed in the hotel montelirio, a small hotel, but with incredible views over the famous new bridge (new but built in 1790) of ronda overlooking the canyon with its gushing water – its probably one of the most spectacular views of spain.     ronda is so historic, it goes back to prehistoric times and is steeped with history – from the little we saw in the terrenchial rain, its a handsome town, quite sophisticated with good eating and if you can walk around the city, the sights are just incredible.   we ate in the family based restaurant almocabar, which came highly recommended – by the gate to the walls of the old town.    we would definitely come back again, maybe more in the warmer months when the weather is more guaranteed.    there is of course the parador that you can always stay in, paradors  are government owned hotels that are usually in historic buildings and are of a usually good standard .

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