well its never too late to have your first baby, one of our very good friends is just about to have her first baby at an age when you are just shoving them out of the door for them to fend for themselves – its amazing and i wish her luck,  with a slight feeling of jealousy – i miss a little baby to cuddle, so the least that i could do was offer to be a babysitter.  anyhow, naomi  (read her recent article about costume designer sandy powell) – took us to trishna – a restaurant that she rated highly and possibly hoping that it may get things started- modern indian food that is not only delicious, well presented and so unlike the typical indian food, but also affordable.  worth trying their tasting menu, which if you are on your way to the theatre or a film, you could sneak their early evening meal offer of 4 courses for £20.   the tandoori quail is just delicious, though quite spicy, definitely a meal for sharing plates.

2 thoughts on “trishna

  1. At times I wished I still lived in London .
    The Indian restaurant looks amazing.
    Thank you for all your informative blogs, always an inspiration . Lizzie at the foot of The South Downs West Sussex !!


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