pre raphaelites

I am reading the book about the lives of the pre raphaelites by franny moyle – inspired by  seeing the exhibition at the tate – i felt that i wanted an interesting read about the times and tales – there have been so many stories about the beautiful women in the paintings.   am totally enjoying the book, especially as its around the same time as the dickens book by clare tomalin and relives the history of london streets – am so glad to be a female in our modern times though, unless you had money and social position,  there was so much inequality for the life of the poor woman;  it was difficult to rise out of your class, even with the influence of money and friends.

what saddens me is the demise of letter writing – if it wasnt for letters none of these stories would have  been discovered – most of the book’s factual points are taken from the personal letters  and diaries that were written.  with our modern day emails and text, none of these are permanent – its rare to even print photos now, everything is kept on a screen, and then eventually replaced and updated.  i guess keeping a blog, like mine is the modern diary, except you share it – there is no way i would have wanted someone to read my diary when i was young.  i remember keeping one for several years in my early teens.

i have decided to letter write again, and if no time for a  letter then to send notes with cards, its much more romantic!

5 thoughts on “pre raphaelites

  1. Hello Christina,
    I have read the book Lizzie Siddal and just loved it. A beautifully written book and very well researched. On a completely different matter I just love your work, so inspiring and full of such magic.


    1. Wrong book !! You should also read Lizzie Siddal by Lucinda Hawksley.
      Lucinda is the great – great- great granddaughter of Charles Dickens. She has an MA in literature and the visual arts. I will go out and by the book by Franny Moyle.


    2. thank you so much for your kind words; i will surely buy this other book that you suggest, she sounds such a tragic figure lizzie siddell, you want to know more. this book by franny moyle is about all the pre raphaelite artists, but the first half of the book concentrates on lizzie and her relationship with rossetti. i find it all fascinating and inspiring – i want to google the pictures as i am reading the book and then get my paintbrushes out….


  2. I just wanted to say I love your blog! You are a mine of information to me and I would be lost if you decided to stop! SO interesting……well done! Poetry, art, music, fashion, interior design…..happy days!

    A fellow north Londoner!


    1. dear maggie, thank you for your comment – it gives me great pleasure to realise that others are enjoying my ramblings. some days i do think to stop, but then i see something that i want to capture or go somewhere and want to share it……


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