choosing keeping

it was a beautiful day to go to columbia road flower market – drop off some stuff to alice, pick up more stuff to take back home again, buy some fresh cut flowers for the house and a few potting plants to replace the dying flowers on the balcony.   we met up with our lovely friends graham and tanya for an egg and bacon roll and coffee to sit in the nearby park.

i probably only visit once a month, but noticed another new shop – choosing keeping – selling just stationery items, from the classic table pencil sharpener, to boxes of japanese pencils and fountain pens, and of course, lots of lovely note books.  its something that i hoard and collect – beautiful stationery from around the world, so this shop should feed my passion.    i also bought one of rob ryan’s beautiful tiles as a birthday present – its perfect for the person who has everything – there is always a space to lean up a decorative tile.  another fettish of mine is post it notes – i leave them everywhere, on the door, on the fridge, on robert’s computer – its the only way to send a message that you know is going to be seen!  so how perfect to find a great selection of flower shaped post it notes at nonesuchthings – as well as the gorgeous collection of mt tapes, perfect for sealing all your presents.

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