forever crazy

not my usual cup of tea, but when my neighbour Mick suggested a new stylish and glamorous show to see, we thought, ok lets give it a try.  forever crazy has been seducing audiences in Paris for over 60 years and is now in a pop up recreation of the paris venue in a temporary structure (a glamorous tent) on the south bank.

the girls are perfectly formed, almost identical, apart from their hair and ethnicity;  all trained dancers they ‘danced’ to different musical numbers  – i have never been to a strip or burlesque show, so it was all new to me.  strangely its not sexy, too manufactured and produced, rather an interesting spectacle.  the second half was definitely more interesting and talented hand dancing guest performers Up & Over It stole the show with their depiction of a dishevelled young couple in a drink and drug-fuelled post-party row.

definitely worth a visit.

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