distressed walls

its funny, at home i am obsessed with the walls being clean and scratch free – i now use the washable modern emulsion paint for the hallway from farrow and ball – its fantastic, you can wipe down the walls from any scratches or shoe scuff marks.  (no more trying to wash down the walls and making it worse by leaving cloth marks of ingrained dirt, so that it looks worse than it did in the beginning –  have you tried cleaning the soot off walls from candles?).

after shooting the new stitching book from the multi talented Jane Brocket  in an amazing location, all weathered and peeling walls, some old plaster, some new plaster, some traces of wallpaper – it all looked fantastic and made me think that maybe i ought to just leave the walls to distress naturally, paint a thin layer of another shade and hopefully achieve a similar look.   all sounds easy, but i am sure its not and could easily end up a complete mess.

incidentally working with someone like Jane puts my housekeeping skills to shame, not only does she knit, stitch, embroider, crochet and bake cakes, but she actually creates lovely books just to show people like me how to do it all!  its always inspirational, i go home and pledge to make myself something – but i know that what it means is another collection of wool or embroidery cotton to add to my cupboard, already brimming with half made items.   her new book Gentle art of stitching has just come out, and i have to say, my photos look good (mainly down to the wonderful locations) and the projects definitely inspire you to start stictching.

my aim is to at least needlepoint my children’s names, but maybe  it will all happen when i am an old granny with hours to spare. this lovely piece of stitching belongs to my friend Sophie her house has an eclectic mix of wonderful and interesting art.

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