one of the pros of being a photographer is getting to see all these amazing locations – (or if you are my husband, you would say this is a negative as he hates change ).  if  you are constantly sourcing ideas of how to change your house, update your kitchen, what colours to paint your hallway, or even what furniture to buy there are other options to  buying interior magazines which is costly, trawling round the shops,  trying to find things on the web – frustrating and tedious – then take a look at house locations sites, such as Light Locations, Carole Hayes or 1st option –  they are all beautifully done to a high standard, and allow you an insight to lots of different styles and looks.  i also like looking at the site remodelista, which keeps you up to date with all aspects of design.

this week i had to visit 3 more.  they were strangely all very different, yet would all help evoke the atmosphere of the theme that i was researching for.  the convent was an amazingly eclectic georgian house on the river in chiswick – a sprawling building adjoined to a chapel, which was once used as a convent.  all the walls were distressed plaster, revealing years of history through layers of paint and wallpaper – it definitely made me think to tear off my already peeling lining paper in my bedroom and reveal the plasterwork!  the view from the windows was spectacular and you could sit and watch the boys from the nearby school row down the river.

another amazing location is dalston heights in dalston – the attic of a warehouse – not only is it vast and lofty, but what makes it unique is the amazing collection of props that the owners had collected.  lordship park is another house that looks just for commercial letting, but is in fact lived in by a family, but is a great location with lots of different moods and styles.  mapesbury road is another family home, but with a more romantic girly feel about it.

its also a great insight into other peoples lovely houses – you can get great ideas, especially if you need to change a room or kitchen, or you can end up  feeling  quite simply miserable that you dont live in one of these houses!  fresh locations definitely has a good eclectic selection- you can just go online and browse all the different houses.  do bear in mind, that these photos are all set up – things are tiided, furniture moved, people really dont live like that – well very rarely!

my all time favourite houses are the georgian ones – the proportions, style and colours .  my favourite colours are from paint library, fired earth, farrow and ball, little greene company, laura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.  all the companies now do a georgian pallette range.  annie sloan’s paimts also have that lovely chalky feel that you can paint anything from metal, furniture to walls with.

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