anna karenina

went up to manchester to visit my mother and ended up at the cinema with my long time girlfriend elise.  we went to see anna karenina - strangely i couldnt remember the story, though i am sure that i have seen the film version with vivien leigh before.  elise promptly fell asleep and missed several parts of the film – not a good indication of the pace, but i actually enjoyed the approach of combining theatre, musical (without the songs) and cinematic film – to be honest, it was a photographers dream, the cinematography and stylised sets were pretty stunning.  i did tire of the endless costume changes that keira knightley did, it all became too much like the chanel adverts that you see.   i am not a fan of keira’s acting, but her portrayal of a woman torn between love and her children did come through;  as a woman i am pretty pleased that we live in a time where we are no longer outcast because of an affair, whereas men are idolised for a similar trait.   think moulin rouge, dangerous liaisons.

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