pre raphaelites

if you want to see some beautiful paintings then you have to go and see the pre-raphaelites exhibition which is just starting at Tate Britain;  the detail, the colours, the grandeur and quality of painting just has to be seen to be appreciated – the downside being, i know that even with hours of practice, i could never hope to be as good as this.   i love abstract art, but to see such grand pieces up so close with all the brush strokes and precise detailing is overwhelming;  personally  this period has to be one of my favourites, the colours, the beauty of the girls, the myths, the intrigue between relationships makes for an interesting exhibition with works by  Dante Gabriel RossettiWilliam Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais,   there are also some stunning embroideries and stain glass panels by william morris.  

Its such a great present to buy somebody – a tate membership with invites to private views – its much less crowded and there are  always evenings that you can attend, which is perfect for working husbands.

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