hastings old town

went to hastings for the day with robert and maude – partly to see whether it was worth swapping the cottage for a bigger house – properties down there are so much cheaper.  the drawback is the extra travelling – its more like 2 to 2 and half hours by car, made longer by the fact that there is no direct motorway there, so you find yourself stuck on the A21 at a snail’s pace at times.

the old town is beautiful, the historical houses climbing up the hill are charming, and especially alistair hendy’s beautiful store – its got to be the main persuasion of visiting Hastings – its museum like style is worth the visit!    its full of beautiful objects that you want all over your house – i particularly loved the double sink and even now, i am struggling to find a space in my own home for it, but without destroying all my bathroom and starting again, it will have to remain in the store for everyone else to admire.

you can also have lunch or tea at the store, at the back of the shop or in the lovely courtyard – the food looked yummy.

noticed that Pollocks also have a pop up shop there;  buy some flowers from the lovely flower shop shimuzu, or even buy a bike from bells bicycles – a stylish collection of bikes;  vintage bird has some lovely printed fabrics and dotted amongst the numerous cafes are lots of vintage and junk shops.

stroll along the front to the jerwood gallery and see the working fishermans huts, you can buy fresh fish too.  its such a shame though that the seafront is basically one car park, until you walk further out of town, towards st leonards.  its definitely worth a drive out to the beaches of st leonards, its peaceful and serene and unbelievably although it was hot and sunny, there was a beautiful sea mist that obscured the sea.

before leaving for home we ate in pomegranate, between 5 and 7pm, they have a great 2 course dinner offer.  the food is not as reliable as in whitstable, but it was fine.  you can always get a sandwich from big lively taste and sit on the beach!

2 thoughts on “hastings old town

  1. Hi Christina
    I’m glad you enjoyed Hastings. We’ve been down here for about 4 years (moved from SW London). It’s changing down here at such a fast pace, very creative. You’re right the road links are not great, probably why property is such good value. There are imminent plans to widen part of the A21 which should speed things up. If you venture down again try Pier 9 http://www.piernine.co.uk or St. Clements http://www.stclementsrestaurant.co.uk both very good. I love your blog and have been a listener of Roberts for 10 years or so.
    Phil Bolton


  2. Hi Christina,

    I love Hastings old town too. It’s a long tome since I’ve visited but my friend used to have a caravan in St Leonards which was owned by her father in law which we all used for weekends, before we had children. We spent many a Sunday wandering around the junk shops in Hasting and then off for Sunday lunch in Battle. Great times, happy days, so glad it’s finally having a revival and can’t wait to visit again soon.
    Karen Barlow


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