the sweeney

not my usual type of film, the sweeney, but  it was a friend who directed it, so we went to the opening night – its definitely a fist fighting, car chasing, beat them up kind of film, but whats great are the london scenes and the raw and gritty filming, rather than the slick bond action movie we are used to these days. some of the scenes are pretty unbelievable, but i guess its what you have to do to make a story good,   i had to hide my eyes for a few scenes, but Ben Drew as Carter is well cast and very charasmatic .

we popped into the mexican restaurant wahaca for a quick bite to eat afterwards –  it was decent enough and very quick – you can basically pick a small dish or a few if you are really hungry – still not the same as the restaurants on offer in new york, but at least they are inexpensive.  its the healthy fast food option of macdonalds!

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