another rainy day in cornwall, so visiting the numerous port towns seems the best thing to do, so off we drove to Fowey ; the author Daphne de Maurier lived there most of her life writing all her famous novels –  it is so charming strolling through the narrow lanes, passing all the sweet gift shops.  Its still relatively unspoilt by the usual ‘fish and chips’ of some seaside towns;  we stopped at the lifebuoy cafe  for a spot of tea and cake, with its beautiful collection of vintage tableware and accesories, you really did feel on the set of an enid blyton story. the Dwelling House  also looked  perfect for afternoon tea,  in the georgiann  rooms lined with porcelain tea cups and white linen tablecloths – this feels as though you are transported back to the 1920′s.  Good recommended places to have lunch are the old quay house hotel , with its lovely terrace or the restaurant  food for thought situated right on the front.   There were a couple of lovely shops selling vintage tablecloths, my favourite being Michele Evans antiques  and what every cute village needs – a sweet shop, with its jars and homemade fudge.  You just need to stroll around, taking in the breathtaking view;  be warned that its narrow steep streets, so put your walking shoes on. apparently Fowey Hall is a great place to stay and is child friendly; the Fowey Hotel is the traditional old style hotel. another interesting place to stay is in Polruan, in an old boat house – Polmarine B and B  A great time to come to Fowey is during the Daphne du Maurier festival in May.

Take a walk down to Menabilly beach, where there is a cottage that you can rent – the beach house and the manor house that apparently are the inspirational locations for the story of Rebecca.

michele evans antiques

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